*Warning, this is not a short post, not even remotely! When a jabber jaw has been absent for months, she tends to go over board to make up for it, not to mention refer to herself in the third person*

Me, My Goiter and My Journey with Graves Disease

Well hello there strangers! How have y’all been? I have missed you guys!! Really, I have. Some of you might be wondering where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to and why you have been hearing crickets chirping from my little corner of the interweb. That my friends is quite a tale, one that actually began a while back. 13 years back to be precise. If you have time this morning grab a cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable and I will fill you in on my long journey of misguided indifference, fatigue, foggy days and most recently acceptance. [click to continue…]


Mixing Up a Healthy Lifestyle With Your Teens!

December 8, 2014
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It is hard to believe that the New Year is right around the corner! I know, we just began the month of December and here I am talking about 2015. However, we all know how time flies. We also know that the New Year is when most of us try to form a resolution to […]

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Soy Seared Roast Stew

December 2, 2014
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“Hey mom, will you teach me how to make this when I am in college?” Just the words every parent wishes to hear at least once from their child. We all have those dishes that took root during our childhood which over the years with a rub of love here and little tweak there became […]

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Bald Head Island Mini Staycation {Part One}

November 8, 2014
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How do you spend quality time with your kids and spouse in between three-week long jaunts to the West Coast? Why, you take them on a mini staycation of course. Some place nearby, remote and filled with charm. A place you can only get to by ferry! At least that was Surferboys brilliant plan for […]

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Quick Easy Rustic Ragu

October 23, 2014
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Oh how time flies when you’re having fun, working, chasing kids…just plain living! It has been a while I know and I apologize. We have some fun times to catch up on here soon such as my trip to Big Harvest Potluck, Surferboy’s endless travels and Patch’s first Homecoming but until I catch my breath […]

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Muscadine Peach White Sangria

September 5, 2014
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It has been one heck of a week. One where you wake up in the morning with burning ribbons slicing trails of pain behind your left shoulder blade. The following morning greets you with the inability to turn your head any further left than 10 o’clock. What you don’t use clock face scales to explain […]

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Carolina Dogs Gone Healthy!

September 1, 2014
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Today’s the day! You know, Labor Day the day where we officially with permission get to be 100% sloths.  Ya know I love it! Now are your grills fired up and ready to cook some succulent meat?  Supposedly, it is also the “last day of summer” and all but, I’m wholeheartedly ignoring that disheartening classification. […]

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41 is FUN! Thoughts on Aging

August 21, 2014
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Being 41 is FUN! Ya know, in case y’all were wondering, are slightly apprehensive or just plain curious about middle age. Honestly my 40′s far surpass my 20′s. Some say, “Age is just a number” or “Embrace your age”, and they are right. Personally though I never think about age at all. A simpler motto, […]

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Lemon Lime Chili Marinade & Grilling with OXO

August 1, 2014
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If you’ve been grilling nearly everyday this summer raise your hand (raising both my hands as swim team grill mom)! Typically I’m grilling burgers and dogs at the pool which is easy but at home its either Surferboy or my dad behind the grill. Those guys have the flame 2 meat ratio down to a […]

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Creamy Avocado Dressing

July 30, 2014
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Early mornings watching the boys through drowsy eyes, obligatory coffee in hand, as they somehow lap mile upon mile in the pool have come and gone. Only one more pool party scheduled before the grill sits cold for another year at the clubhouse. All of my summer camp hauls are at an end. In fact, […]

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