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We Are Off To Walt Disney World!

by Tickled Red on March 15, 2012 · 4 comments

It is 5 AM and I am a typing this in my sleep. However, I’m too excited to care that I have only had four hours of sleep or that the sun isn’t up. M2 and I are off to Raleigh this morning for his class trip. That’s right 2 hours away. Then once we get home this afternoon we are off to Walt Disney World with M2 and surferboy. Wahoo! Personally, I haven’t been to Disney since I was 15 and none of guys have ever been. Shocking I know!

Can you imagine these knuckleheads running loose through Magic Kingdom?  More like the Animal Kingdom lost a few inhabitants if you ask me. Then again, I’m not much better.

Now guess which rides are on their list. I’ll give you a hint…my feet will be on the ground while theirs will not. {shiver}

So on Saturday while they boys are off with my darlin’ surfer feeding their extreme natures, I will be enjoying the company of some sweet talented blogging buddies at Food Blog Forum. I can’t wait to see everyone and absorb everything they have to share during the seminars. A small creative reprieve from being forced over  breakneck drops at ungodly speeds.

Trust me, the rest of the weekend will be spent trying to convince the guys that I truly am a big fat chicken. “Maning up”, as M1 put it is not gonna happen. No way no how. Y’all will find me on the Tea Cups while they are turning their insides out.

I will try and make sure that you guys get to experience some of the fun as well.

Chat with you soon xoxo,

Shari-Tickled Red



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