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Our Current Joys…

by Tickled Red on September 6, 2013 · 1 comment

Who pressed the fast forward button on August? Come on fess up. Honestly, I don’t know where the last 10 days went but I find myself a week into September and baffled at how quickly time flies. I truly believe each year the boys get older father time juices the machine that much more. I know that I lose all common sense the first week back to school but it’s crazy how easily time slips through my fingers. Even crazier still are all the adventures and ideas that I wish to share with y’all that have become a tangled mess in my head collecting dust, so enough of that.  Starting today, I am going to try my best on Friday’s to wrap up some of the fun we’ve had during the week. Be it a few favorite photos, places we’ve gone, books that have us enthralled or the endless design projects I’m working on that drive Surferboy to sighs and groans.

Right now be it rain or shine we are trying to squeeze in as many trips to the beach as we can but it’s becoming more and more difficult. Let me tell you guys if you don’t already know, high school and middle school changes your schedule…drastically. It is amazing the amount of work Patch has produced in the past 10 days, yes he is in early college so it is to be expected but even my girlfriends son is bogged down. The boys and I actually cancelled a trip this weekend to Ocean Isle Beach for the surf contest due to his work load. Unfortunately daddy is on his own again, enjoying Sharky’s and OIB Surf & Java without us (sniff). Can’t wait for my “doggy” bag though.

Another reason I have been mentally absent is due to the wild notion I embraced nine days ago. A 30 day detox excluding all bread (including potatoes), refined sugar and dairy from my diet. Yeah, I know I’ve lost my ever lovin’ cookies on this one. In truth, I have been thinking about doing this since last fall when a reader mentioned that I might have a gluten allergy after losing 9lbs in 3wks from cutting back on bread. Thanks to a subtle Instagram reminder/push from my friend Tami {Running With Tweezers} I just jumped into it without a road map in sight. The only plan I had on August 27 was to make it through 30 days and then see how what I was eating affected me. What I’ve learned so far…

  • I am a COMPLETE bread addict. Not mildly either, we’re talking Day 3 full body twitching I wanted bread so bad. My foot hasn’t tapped that much since my sister used to break into my room and trash it while I was at school. Sugar cravings not so much, dairy tough but doable.
  • Make sure to go into a new diet with at least a weeks’ worth of menu options printed (smarter yet pre make them), the fridge stocked with what you need and a warning to your family that you may be acting wired I mean weird for a few days. Then again, you really can’t prepare them for the Jerry Lewis episodes that come with your carb withdrawals.
  • Day 6 I cheated with one slice of pizza and a tablespoonful of cake and ice cream. I felt yucky after.
  • Day 7 I remembered the night before, put a lid on my complaining, and moved forward with a more positive attitude. This post from my dear Kristen {Dine & Dish} helped with that!

I’ll keep y’all posted on my progress and once I regain full function of my brain hopefully some recipes.

My latest DIY project that has Surferboy cringing. I have a knack for taking something old and messing with it so that it is still useable. He would rather give it away than deal with the mess that typically surrounds my projects. Not to mention our house is small and getting a little cramped with all of my “finds” or in this case gift from my mother. This particular piece has been in M2’s room for a year but his desktop computer does not fit in the cubby. Therefore, mommy was a gem and gave him her “door” desk so he could spread out, have a computer and enter middle school organized. Now this tall boy is mine but he needs a drastic face-lift, I’m thinking blue but which one? More on this projects development soon.

We hung out at Intracoastal Angler this weekend with a bunch of good friends in support of another dear friend Scooter who needs a double lung transplant. H.A.B.B. {Help A Brother Breathe} was simply a great way for us all to pitch in and help with mounting medical bills facing Scooter and his family. Who can resist friends, live music, steak fajitas from K-38 or a raffle right Scooter? The boys won a fishing pole, half day chartered fishing trip and a signed Ben Bourgeois surfboard, score! Thank you again Robbie & Kelly for putting everything together. By the way how many guys does it take to check out a fishing pole? {wink}

Now I said my dairy craving was doable right. That is with one exception, Nye’s Ice Cream. Nye’s is a local love of ours that is growing in leaps and bounds. When you serve thick rich, homemade ice cream sandwiches in such flavors as Key Lime Pie and Blackberry Pie it’s easy to see why they are growing. Actually, I have something fun to share with you about Nye’s but that is coming in a bit. Man am I hankering bad for one!

Another one of our local fav’s is Half United, an accessories company fighting global hunger. Their bullet necklace is their signature piece it’s adored by all so much that well mine somehow found it’s way around my teen’s neck. Now little man has one as well. We have watched siblings Christian and Carmen grow their dream from a little booth at our former trade show into a thriving company that gives back and is now selling in Nordstrom. Go Chris and Carmen, keep the giving back and cool designs coming!

As I said my love is off to surf and coach another contest this weekend. I will miss seeing our friends, capturing priceless moments with my camera but mostly I will miss him. Fortunately this time he will only be gone overnight.

What will I be doing all weekend?

A little of this, a little of that but mostly trying my best not to succumb to the spellbinding beauty of the beach and let another week or so go by without chatting with you guys.

What do you guys currently have planned?

Stay tuned for ice cream fun and more!




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Averie @ Averie Cooks September 28, 2013 at 6:31 pm

Ohmygosh. The memories!!! We used to live on Wrighstville and would party down in Ocean Isle :) and up and down that whole stretch! Glad I found you via the blog group – what a small world!! When we lived there, I was very active in the yoga community and sounds like you guys are surfers and maybe do some yoga too. Small world :)

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