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Me & My Kicks

by Tickled Red on March 9, 2011 · 16 comments

Y’all know by now that I get a kick out of most things. I get a kick out of life, the monkeys kick things up around the house, Surferboy consummately kicks my pulse up a notch or two and my favorite, kicking up my heels. That’s quiet a few but I have more kicks up my sleeve guys…a lot more. If I’m being completely honest these kicks would be my all consuming addiction.

Kicks: A specified temporary interest or enthusiasm;{ ie, sneakers otherwise know as KICKS in redheaded surfer girl slang.}

What can you expect after a decade of selling shoes and apparel to surf /skate shops three times a year. The fact that I was sample size may have been the deciding factor which pushed me over the edge. Ahhhh…talk about shoe heaven. Now don’t get me wrong I love heels, wedges, sandals and boots like any bonafide woman with a shoe addiction, but my kicks are my favorite. They are my staple everyday wear and allow me to have a party on my tootsies without dressing up. The addiction is so bad that I feel naked without a funky pair of shoes for every season peeking out from my jeans, kind of like these.

Cool breezy fall days are so much more inviting when you’re wrapped in brown corduroy and patch work argyle plaid.

Warm spring days are just begging for flowers, polka-dots and cute little bows. Mary Jane never knew how cute she could be.

Hot summer days ring in bright Tarheel Blue skies and golden rays of sun peeking from behind the clouds.

Forget a specific season, green zebra stripes say “I am large and in charge. Holla!”

How can you not fall in love with wingtip slides in green snakeskin and camouflage? George and the P-Funk All-stars are feeling them. Too much for you, okay how about a tamer version?

Black suede wingtip slides in herringbone, classic all the way.

White homes overlooking vibrant blue seas of the Mediterranean are calling to me.

Smokey gray suede, sparkly plaid and purple laces… cool, sheek and comfy.

Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, GRAY & BLACK polka-dot ummm…sweeny? Kicka-rooni?

Here is my other whopper of an addiction plaid. I am MAD for plaid but that is a conversation for another day.

I do believe my favorite pair sum me & my kicks up best of all.

Thanks for letting me share my funky footwear guys. The next time you see a redhead out and about in some crazy shoes, you never know it just might be me.


Tickled Red

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