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Lacrosse Wrap Up – Part 1

by Tickled Red on November 22, 2011

The boys had their last lacrosse game on Sunday so I thought I would give you guys a little recap. If you’ve never watched a lacrosse game before they start of with two middies (middle of the field players).

They square off. Standing toe to toe. Face mask to face mask. Shuffling their mouth guards around in silent intimidation. Not flinching in front of the other guy but waiting anxiously for the whistle to blow. They are little coiled 70lbs balls of muscle and nerves ready to pounce at a moments notice.

Once they hear the shrill of the whistle it’s on! Pushing and shoving. Jabbing and poking. Elbows nudge, knees maneuver…they use any body part and position that’s legal, in order to get the upper hand on the ball.

The point is to get the ball away from their arch enemy opps!, opposing player, and over to one of their team mates before the rest of the pack shows up, sorta like hockey.

Once you do get the ball away from the other guys it’s on like Donkey Kong. But you’d better not get caught up in the battle for the ball too much. Otherwise you’ll forget that there are guys moving at warp speed with big sticks gunning for you. If you don’t move the ball down the field quickly, there’s a good chance you could end up flat on your keester like my little man.

Not to worry guys, he popped right back up and stood his ground. POKE, POKE, POKE! Oh yeah, that’s something that you get to to do with your stick…poke. But by no means are you supposed to slash down. You know, like you’re chopping wood. That smarts and makes your arm go numb y’all. Trust me, I found out the hard way. There’s reason they wear arm pads.

Now, if the ball happens to get into the wrong hands and make it’s way past you down the field, grab some air. Literally if possible. Hoof it down the field as fast as you can until you push, shove and wrangle that ball back for your team. Fly baby, fly!

Scoop your net across the grass, elbowing the guy who’s sneaking up behind you. All the while, working feverishly to hang on to the ball while he jostles and pokes you. Make a run for it down the field, but wait. Hold on minute. Making a fake to the left might work better in long run, just watch out for the ref. Now zing it back down to another team mate while you still have the chance. No matter what hang on to that ball M2! Wahoo! That’s my boy ;D

Hey M2! Over here. Not to your right…look left! Dude, I’m super impressed that you nabbed the ball, especially since you can’t see through that shag-a-doodle hairdo you have going on.

I had to share this next group of photos with y’all. Until I was going through the photos I didn’t notice the little scenario being played out before me.

You see that not so pleased little fella in green, top right corner? We’re gonna call him Leaping Lizard. Leaping Lizard eyeballing my boy. Yep!

I think I have it figured out though. You see, I believe Leaping Lizard was a little bumped and jostled by M2 during the game. Then ole’ LL marked his opponent in the black plants, deciding that he’d have words with him once the game was over. Once Leaping Lizard saw M2 with his helmet off a couple of things went through his head.

  1. “Ummm…Is that the same guy? He looked bigger on the field”
  2. “Can’t be the same guy, no one could block and pass with all of that hair in the way. Dude, seriously!”
  3. “I think that’s him but I’m so confused?!?”

Make that three things. Those photos crack me up! Kids, I love how M2 is completely oblivious to the fact that he’s getting the ole’ stare down.

I can see why he’s confused. There’s a green-eyed cutie pie in there somewhere , I promise.


“Yes cutie pie.”

“Do you see these?”

“Do I see what cutie pie?”

“Your shag is all fuzzy…that’s so sweet. Hold still so I can take a pic.”


“Oh, you mean your cute little padded fists?”

“Stop calling me cutie pie and snapping photos…or else.”

“Hahahaha….gasp…Hahahah…snort! That’s hilarious!”

Huff, blow, puff…Please!? Dad and M1 are leaving us!!”

(Just so you guys know, M2 came into this world with that exact same pose. Only there was squalling to go with it that time. Lol! Guess this is his look for life.)

Hey fellas, wait for us!

Thanks for letting me share our silliness, M1 is next ;D

Shari-Tickled Red

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