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Favorite Beauty Tools {3 Guys Sort Of Approved}

by Tickled Red on February 28, 2012 · 3 comments

Okay I have to share this with you guys for a couple of reasons.

1. I live in testosterone land.

A girl needs soft & pretty occasionally. Okay it’s been twice in two years on the blog but who’s counting?

2. Anything uber girly makes my guys twitch, which is fun to watch. Who’s making popcorn?

Sunday night was Oscar Night. I love Oscar night, especially the preshow! Promptly at 7pm I sat down with my glass of wine, tucked in my snuggly blanket and settled in for a evening of glitz and glam. Tulle, satin, high heels, tuxedos, sequins, movie clips…Oh be still my rusty theatrical heart! It was bliss, for about 30 minutes. Then the boys came meandering into the living room.


“What are you watching?”

“Let’s watch Wizards of Waverly Place”

“Nah! Let’s watch Chris Angel MindFreak”


“Ummm…No. I’m watching the Oscars.”

{Cue silence. Boys glancing at the TV, looking back at mom, back to the TV. Add sighs and raised eyebrows. Toss in a frown or grimace for good measure. Do not forget to have them twitch (ex. nervous mouth tick)}

Monkeys-{whispering to each other}

“They have on big poofy dresses. What for?”

“The guys look dorky!”

“What’s all that goop on her face? WAY too much lipstick…yuck!”

I had to hold my nose I was laughing so hard otherwise my red wine would have made an unseemly exit from my nostrils and that really would have topped off their appalling evening. Their whispering did get me thinking about how much they are spoiled. Their main female influence (me) uses a grand total of six items for beauty tools and dresses up approximately 4 times a year. I feel sorry for the girls who come knocking on my door. I think I’ll go ahead and make a sign for the porch that reads…

“Foundation wearing, eyelash curling, extension addicted girls need not apply.”

Seeing how we are on the topic and I don’t have any little girls in the house to play dress up with, “What are your favorite beauty tools?”

Mine are simple…

1. Moisturizer- Can’t live without it especially Oil of Olay. I love their Anti Wrinkle Replenishing Night Cream.

2. Concealer-I would be lost without my concealer! Not stick concealer either but liquid. I’m not a fan of foundation but that will change one day the older I get. Finding one to match my fair complexion is always difficult. Almay Line Smoothing Concealer is the one I am using right now.

3. Eyeshadow- I’m a brown or gray girl, no funky blues or greens for me. Crazy eye colors with hydro-glow skin and red hair equals Barnum Bailey Circus recruit. Revlon makes a wonderful set of Color Stay 12 Hour Eye Shadows. Mine is Copper Spice.

4. Mascara- Ahh…that’s when I feel really purty. L’Oreal Panoramic Curl makes my eyes go pow! You can see my lashes even through my glasses, bonus.

5. Nail Polish- Only for my toes though, I feel weird with color on my fingertips. I’m kooky, I know. My favorite for years now has been Revlon’s Teak Rose.

6. Lipstick-What woman can live without her favorite pop of color on her kisser. Evidently I can. As much as I love my lipstick I am forever leaving it in a pocket, bag or can’t remember where I’ve left it. Sigh…including tonight. Hopefully I’ll find it in time for date night with surferboy.

Oh well, I can always share my lipstick with you guys another time. Which means more girly chats. Bwaha…the guys will be thrilled! At least I don’t have a mountain of cosmetics piled in the bathroom, which actually does make them happy.

If you would like to chat some more about beauty, head on over to BlogHer’s discussion . Don’t forget to check out the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes that they have going on. I’ll be there, it’s where I get my much needed dose of estrogen.

How did Oscar night end? My love came out and moaned in disagreement with the boys at all of the silly fashion and beauty stuff that I was ogling so we made a compromise. I would get the rest of the red carpet preshow undisturbed, then I could catch the finale after 10pm. That way the boys could watch what they wanted from 8:30 until bedtime and DS would get to watch The Walking Dead.

What? You can’t picture a night of zombies and celebrities. Welcome to my world y’all.


Shari-Tickled Red

{Always having fun messing with my guys ;D}






Paulette Vance Piercy February 29, 2012 at 11:14 am

Loved this…still laughing….and me (your Mom) being a Hair Stylist for most of my life, surrounded in curling irons and I even had a huge make up counter in my Salon! I tried, I really did. hahaha :) Love you- Mom

Jen Barnes February 29, 2012 at 1:00 pm

lol I USE to be into make-up and doing my hair and all that awesomely girly stuff. But it just fell to the wayside. I’ve tried to remember to use a moisturizer on my face but never remember.

On date-nights I try to remember eye shadow and some lip gloss, but usually only make it to the shadow part and am rushed out the door.

Kim | At Home With Kim March 1, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Fun post! I was introduced to those eyeshadows from a friend of mine who has a consulting style business. She highly recommends those to her clients…. and now I’m hooked! $5 for all those colors? And it stays on all day. LOVE it! Loved reading all your favorites…. it’s always fun to spend a little time with girly chat. :-)

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