Southern Boys…Bake Jenny’s Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies ~ Picky Palate Cookbook Giveaway

May 14, 2013
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Mother’s Day this past weekend was sweet in so many ways. Usually the guys “surprise me” with breakfast in bed but this year my siblings and I went to our favorite breakfast house with mom. To have all nine of us together sleepy eyed and snuggled into a corner booth is a memory that will warm […]

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Girl Hunter Georgia Pellegrini-Moroccan Stew

December 16, 2011
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When I was very young, before we moved to the beach my dad used to go hunting. My most vivid memory is when he came into my room once during the wee hours of the morning. Kissing me goodbye before he headed out with the guys. Mumbling through sleepy yawns, as I snuggled my Pookie […]

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Alexia & Tyler Florence Family Meal Cookbook Giveaway

November 21, 2011
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Photo by: John Lee (Florence) A love for food is a passion that I’m proud to pass on to my boys. I marvel at how they appreciate food, that they now perceive the concept of “Creation leads to creativity”, and vice verse. Over the past few years they have enjoyed the process that goes into […]

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Perfect One Dish Dinners

October 25, 2010
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Do y’all remember those Sunday suppers at your grandmother’s when you were growing up? I do. All of my aunts, uncles and cousins packed into the house laughing or possibly squabbling. A table so full that we actually had to eat somewhere other than the dining room. Usually supper ended up becoming a musical chair […]

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Storytelling from the road.

August 4, 2010

*This post is simply a tip on how my monkeys and I stay connected-keep up our nightly routine, whenever I am traveling without them* As you guys may or may not know I adore books. I usually have two or three that I enjoy at a time, it keeps me sane. To my great delight […]

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Souffle Bombay

February 22, 2010

I have to take a minute  today to talk about another blogger that I know. Colleen Kennedy aka  Souffle Bombay. She was one of the  first blogger’s to reach out with a friendly word when I started this little adventure. Not only is she funny, she is talented.  Soon she will be having a very […]

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Paper, bindings and ink.

December 15, 2009

Can you possibly guess as to what I have on the brain today? You guessed it BOOKS.  If you couldn’t guess, than my little clue must be horrible and I apologize. Now if you want to know something that does more than TICKLE me, I mean the axis shifts in my planetary orbit, it is […]

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