Hi there!

My name is Shari but you can call me Red. I’m the wife of a competitive surfer with an extreme nature and the mother of two fantastic silly monkeys. Simply a coastal southern girl with a tendency to always look on the bright side. I’ve lived on the east coast for the past 26 years and would not trade it for anything in the world (humidity, mosquitoes and all). I believe in trying to stay optimistic as well as looking for the fun in life, even when faced with adversity. So Tickled Red will be a place to show case all of the little things that make me smile, say thank you and breathe just a little easier.

When I was 18  I went inland to study costume design and well when they realized that I wasn’t the best with a sewing machine (who knew that was a necessity) it was time to come home a couple of years later and decide what direction I should go with my life.  I had the amazing fortune to meet and fall madly in love with my husband. Unfortunately he was a California surfer boy. You see growing up at the beach I knew all about surfer’s and they were not my first choice when it came to dating. I am a pale, freckled, redhead who can’t take the sun for more than 15 minutes without looking like a bottle of ketchup. So getting involved with a surfer didn’t seem to bode well with us being able to find quality time together. Needless to say I got over all of my misgivings, he learned the in’s and out’s of sunblock and that tents are not only for camping. I also fell in love with the surfing lifestyle and we were able to find our quality time together despite our busy lives.

Our life is filled with two fantastic monkeys’, surf wax, sunblock, endless fun, piles of sand and multiple loads of wet towels. We are going on 15 years strong while loving every minute of our lives together with the monkeys. Along the way costume design was buried somewhere in the sand but not my love for art, theater, literature and all things creative. So in the days to come, as I get used to having a blog, you will see a lot of the things that I like to do. Cooking, gardening, refurbishing old furniture, painting, surf contest and during Halloween…costumes.

Most of all you will find me talking endlessly about my monkey loves and my darlin’ surfer.  I hope that you will enjoy my blog and I look forward to meeting you.